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104-140% after 1 day or 125-340% after 5 days or 180-640% after 10 days or 340-1340%  after 20 days
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Join Six Dollar Click right now to start earning unbelievable profits for every click you make. Take a look at our membership benefits below and you'll see why we are the best around.

Accept: AlertPay, PayPal,
Earnings credited to program account, withdrawal paid within 1 day
Minimum withdrawal: $6

Script: Unspecified

No-risk membership, free to join.

No limits on your earnings.

Get paid $6.00 per click.

$6,000 cashout minimum.

10-200% referral earnings.

Daily links guaranteed.
Added: 2011-10-14 | Archived | Started: 2011-10-14 (2445 days ago)
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:) belligerentkj (date: 2011-11-02 19:07) Login to Reply
admin@sixdollarclick.com. Best of luck to all of you in your pursuit of finding a real form of passive income.
:( belligerentkj (date: 2011-11-02 19:03) Login to Reply
As one of my referrals and I have contacted them many different times with no response of any kind from the site. I traced the IP address back to a server company named SoftLayer Technologies based out of Dallas Texas. I tried to contact them in order to see if they would be able to help me with any information as to how to get in contact with the real owner of the site. No luck there. I messaged PayPal and no help from them either. Now if anyone knows how to get in touch by all means let me know. All I have for their contact information is the site address and a e-mail which is as follows
:( belligerentkj (date: 2011-11-02 18:53) Login to Reply
As long as you just click off of the ads after the time runs out and you have clicked the right number prompted. As for if you do click on the add any feather I can not say as I my self have not done so as of yet. Now I am going to get into the negative part of this site. If there is any change in the near future I will update my post on here as I believe in giving any site a fair chance. So far the only negative thing that I can say about the site is that they do not respond to any questions that are sent to them.
... belligerentkj (date: 2011-11-02 18:45) Login to Reply
Purchase Referrals are $5.00 for 5 Referrals. So far the only payment options for each are through AlterPay or Liberty Reserve. Although the site says that it can pay out with PayPal. It is easy to navigate the site as it only has one page with all of the prompts to the left hand side of the page. There are no surveys to fill out or offers to complete at this time. Only ptc ads to click. Also they claim to have 19 ads available for Premium members a day. So far there is nothing to download and no harmful content on the site or in it's ads. Down
... belligerentkj (date: 2011-11-02 18:33) Login to Reply
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... belligerentkj (date: 2011-11-02 18:18) Login to Reply
I just joined Sixdollarclick.com not to long ago. As of right now I've earned a total of $333.00. I have four direct referrals and one of my referrals has three people under him. My total referral earnings up to this point is $57.00. I am using the free membership. With the free membership you only receive 10% of your down lines earnings. They only give you five or six ads to click a day. Each ad pays $6.00 for viewing. Once you click on a ad you have a count down clock in the top left hand coiner of the screen that counts down from 60 seconds. More to follow on next comment...

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